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    We have put together two noble materials, cork and chocolate, and finally our culture and heritage that are so rich and unique. It’s the memory of Portugal.

    • Chocolate Tablet 125gr

    With 55 cocoa content, our chocolate is produced with a high degree of quality.

    • Illustration

    The illustration on the packaging of the chocolate tablet is a reference to our history and heritage, because it illustrates much of our heritage, culture and beauty mirrored byPortugal.

    It is a selection of the much there is to see and experience, because from north to south we have a history of more than 500 years and as we have known to preserve our memories, there is much to see and feel.

    • Cork

    The use of cork is sustainable, help the preservation of cork oaks.

    It’s a fantastic ecofriendly souvenir

    It’s the memory of Portugal.

    Add to cart and take Portugal with you.

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