Azulejos: The portuguese tiles

Despite being an Islamic heritage, the azulejos or portuguese tiles are part of the portuguese culture and is one of the many unique marks of Portugal history and the progress of the nation implementation. From north to south, buildings and public spaces and gardens are ornamented with these artistic pieces where predominantly the bluish color, […]

Canned sardines

In addition to being consumed fresh, sardines are also an extremely important raw material for this industry. Canned fish have been present in our food for many years and have unique and important characteristics, both in the canning industry and in the gastronomic diet. It should be noted that the conservation process does not remove […]

Honey trade in the European Union

The European Union defines honey as a “natural sugary substance produced by the bee Apis mellifera, from the nectar of flowers or secretions from living parts of plants (…), which the bees collect, transform, combine with specific substances, deposited, dehydrated, stored and let to mature in honeycomb combs. Production of honey between Member States According […]

Rooster of Barcelos: National symbol

The portuguese northern pottery The cultural identity and image of the Portuguese people, marked by simplicity, honesty and wisdom, were the bases that built the pottery of the north of the country, portrayed and characterized in figures of clay that expressed these same qualities. Therefore, the northern pottery art was the main factor that helped […]

Types and effects of chocolate

The origin of the word chocolate The word chocolate comes from the Castilian chocolate, originating from Mesoamerican indigenous languages. Although its origin is not completely enlightening, one of the theories of the origin of the word derives from chokola’j, which means “to drink chocolate together”, originating from the Aztec language, resulting in the fusion of […]

Olive growing in Portugal

The importance of a special product Olive oil was one of the first products exported by Portugal. The references to the olive trees are very old. The Visigothic Code, in the agricultural protection laws, prescribed a fine for anyone who plucked an olive tree from others. The greatest development of this culture occurs in the […]