Bean To bar


They are fermented, dried, roasted and crushed cocoa beans.
They have an intense taste of bitter chocolate and are tender
due to the presence of cocoa butter.


The name comes from the shape of its prototype, a large container made in the shape of a shell, inside which granite cylinders grind the chocolate until it has a soft and velvety texture, in whichthe particles must be between 18 and 20 microns.

The shell rolls move the chocolate mass back and forth in a process that can tak from a few hours to seven days.


Tempering is a slow and gradual process of cooling the chocolate so that the cocoa butter crystals form evenly.

This technique avoids the separation between cocoa butter and other cocoa solids, which ensures a compact and homogeneous structure for the final product.

Correct tempering provides quick drying of the chocolate, surface shine, soft texture and better preservation.

Chocolate jewelry

The end result of the entire mostly manual process is reflected in the Bonbons and chocolate bars.

They are our vision of how chocolate should be experienced, respecting its origins.

Each piece carries the roots and flavors present in the lands where the cocoa beans are born.