Birthday Gift»Virgin Olive Oil+Rose+Eucalyptus Honey» Surprise


Set of Portuguese flavors, traditional, handmade production. Flavors with Portuguese soul, with hands full of knowledge, treating all raw materials with affection and dedication. It’s a fantastic birthday present.

Extra virgin olive oil 0.3º acidity, 200ml. This extra virgin olive oil is obtained by the continuous system, at low temperature (between 27º. 31º.), after a rigorous selection of the best Galician olives,

Olive oil is distinguished by its color(yellow gold),by its brightness,by its fruity palate, by the aroma and intense flavor of a natural 100 olive oil.

Preserved natural rose remains with a fresh and natural image for long periods of time, lasting 1 year or more

Eucalyptus honey 149gr is a fantastic natural sweetener, produced by honey bees from the nectar of flowers and some secretions from certain plants, which are processed by bees.

Eucalyptus flower honey has extraordinary characteristics because it assists the body’s respiratory system.

The whole set is built for an extraordinary experience, from the opening of the box to the taste of these Lusitanian palates.

It’s an excellent memory and a one-time birthday present. Taste or surprise those you like.

It will mark the day of those who have the privilege of experiencing them.

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