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Types and effects of chocolate

The origin of the word chocolate The word chocolate comes from the Castilian chocolate, originating from Mesoamerican indigenous languages. Although its origin is not completely enlightening, one of the theories of the origin of the word derives from chokola’j, which means “to drink chocolate together”, originating from the Aztec language, resulting in the fusion of […]

The chocolate manufacture

Processing of cocoa Cocoa cultivation is considered intensive, requiring manual labor throughout the process. The processing of cocoa beans goes through three stages: harvesting, fermentation and drying. Harvesting is manual and careful, as the fruits do not ripe at the same time and it is necessary to avoid damage to the external layer of the […]

The cocoa origins

The cocoa origins goes back to the previous civilizations of the discovery of Central America by the European countries. Since its discovery, cocoa was first used as a beverage and later as an ingredient for various foods. Due to the specific climatic needs that are necessary in its cultivation, it’s not possible to produce it […]