The portuguese northern pottery

The cultural identity and image of the Portuguese people, marked by simplicity, honesty and wisdom, were the bases that built the pottery of the north of the country, portrayed and characterized in figures of clay that expressed these same qualities.
Therefore, the northern pottery art was the main factor that helped the development of the region in social, cultural and economic terms.

The historical and cultural importance of this art, in harmony with the oldest traditional weekly fair of Barcelos, which still today takes place every Thursday, has made the region’s pottery activity has been considered the “cradle” of the pottery identity and the creative genesis of the territory.

In the process of ascending, both the northern Pottery and the Portuguese Tourism, the image of the Rooster of Barcelos was gaining notoriety and became predominant, thanks to many anonymous and notable artists from the northern region.

The Rooster across Borders

Its appearance across borders was in 1935, where it premiered internationally at the Exhibition of Portuguese Popular Art in Geneva.
The following year this exhibition was repeated, this time in Lisbon, where it ends up strengthening its presence and reinforcing its image with an extraordinary success.

Since the beginning of that decade, several actions have been initiated in the Portuguese tourism sector in an attempt to value, preserve and present the traditional forms of Portuguese art, including the country’s handicrafts and ethnographic history.
In the 50s and 60s, the Rooster of Barcelos strong publicity and visibility helped to transform the colorful clay piece into the nation’s identity icon.

The Rooster of Barcelos becomes a constant presence in promotional events, appearing as a “main character” in tourist posters promoting Portugal, among folklore, traditions, green landscapes and the hospitality of the people, and others.
With this strong approach, the Rooster helped to promote the country, and a memory that could be carried in the luggage for those who visited us.

Our chocolate tablet with the Rooster of Barcelos illustration have a detachable postcard
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A symbol that has become timeless

The Rooster of Barcelos is not only the symbol of the city of Barcelos. It has become a national icon recognized worldwide.
The legend of the Rooster became a story that exceeded the Portuguese imagination. Colorful, graceful, funny or humorous are some of the adjectives and feelings that this ceramic piece conveys. It has become an irreplaceable object of our handicrafts and, above all, our identity, highlighting the portuguese history and one of the most significant cultural heritages in the world.

At present, the image of the Rooster is associated with modern Portugal, dedicated to tourism and the promotion of its culture.
It has conquered its space in several creative and artistic contexts, appearing also in diverse interpretations outside its habitual context. In fashion, sculpture, painting or in marketing campaigns, the very concept of the Rooster of Barcelos gains new identities in the most diverse contexts, appearing as a creative argument of excellence, universally timeless.

The Rooster in the gastronomy

One of the most renowned delicacies in the north of Portugal is the Roasted Rooster.
It is one of the most emblematic dishes of the region gastronomic tradition, in its unique and characteristic palate.
A dish that combines the traditional flavor and excellence of regional products with the symbolism and history of the Way of Saint James, through the association with the Rooster Legend.

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