Chocolate Tablet Christmas 125gr Red Rena


We have put together two noble materials, cork and chocolate, andfinally the possibility of putting the message on the packaging. It’s the Christmas present.

  • Chocolate Tablet 125gr

With 55 cocoa content, our chocolate is produced with a high degree of quality.

  • Illustration

The illustration on the packaging of the chocolate tablet is a reference to Christmas, with this beautiful Rena that represents this time of year so special and magical.

  • Cork

The use of cork is sustainable, help the preservation of cork oaks.

You don’t cut the cork stooes to get the cork. The packaging of the chocolate tablet is made of this noble raw material, cork, therefore, with even more refinement and uniqueness in the whole.

It’s a fantastic ecofriendly souvenir


Add to the cart and take Portugal to those you love most in a sustainable way.

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